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On the 24th of January 2017 the school sport hall athletics team took part in a athletics semi-final against Raynville, Rothwell, St Patrick’s and Holy Trinity  .We took part in a competition semi-final and came 2nd which meant we got through to the finals and pulled out on top which means we are one of the best sport-hall athletics team in Yorkshire.


At 1:30 on Tuesday Kippax Ash Tree Primary School arrived at Leeds Trinity University ready for a very hard and tough competition for a tough semi-final. It was a quite an afternoon battling it out for our place at the final (against some talented teams.)We did really well on all the events. We WON we came first place!!! We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the results we were all jumping up and down in excitement.

All the parents were shouting and cheering.   

2nd came Holy Trinity with 158 points.

The final will be on the Thursday 9th February 2017 fingers crossed that we will win and all the extra training and sessions after school will pay off.



East Leeds Athletics Finals

On Wednesday 11th January 2017 Kippax Ash Tree took part in the East Leeds athletics final. In the final 4 teams took part: St Nicholas, St Marys, St Benedict and Ash Tree.

In the previous round Ash Tree stayed strong from start to finish and at half time was in 1st. By the end we were nervous but was surprised when we were announced the winner just a few points in front of St Mary's. In this round it was a whole different story because in the first half we had a calm start. Both boys and girls obstacle racers for Ash Tree got us off to a fine start after winning both obstacle races people who took part were: Madrit, Josh, Callum, Lucas, Isobel, Ellie S, Ellie.H and Anna. We were amazed when we found out we had managed to take first place in the first half. Then it came to the second half. We began to get tired and was not as energetic as we should have been. It came to the results we did not know what to expect until they said in 4th place St Benedict in 3 rd place St Mary's at this point we were just happy to be in the top 2 then they said in 2nd place…… Ash Tree which meant in 1 st place was St Nicholas.

On Wednesday 11th January 2017, Kippax Ash Tree Primary School athletics squad took part in the East Leeds Partnership Final. The team worked incredibly hard and secured qualification as runners up to the City semi-finals in 2 weeks time.


East Leeds Athletics Semi-final

On 29-11- 16 pupils from Ash Tree primary school attended Wetherby High School to compete in the East Leeds athletics semi-final. In the quarter final we came 2nd in a tough battle behind Allerton Bywater.

After the tough competition we knew we had to do some serious training.

In this competition there were a range of events such as: javelin, 1by 1race, speed bounce and much more.

Other schools witch attended included Kippax (1st), St Mary’s (2nd ), Deighton gates (3rd) and Temple Newsam (4t ).

We interviewed some of the pupils of the winning team such as: Josh who said “I felt proud of my self and from the start he felt very nervous” and Stan who said “My heart was beating and was very nervous”.

By the Ash Tree Echo Sports writers


Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics Challenge

On Monday 29th February 2016 children in Year 3 and 4 travelled to Brigshaw High School for their first taste of Sports Hall Athletics. The 2nd ever 3/4 format was a shorter form of the 5/6 format. Consisting of relays, 2 by 2 lap and 3 field events. The competition started with the both on the track and the girls in the field. After two consecutive 2nd places the boys tasted success in the 2 by 2 relay with Taylor and Ethan winning a tough and very close race.

Half time scores
1st Lady Hastings      51pts
2nd Ash Tree             47pts
3rd Great Preston    46pts
4th Allerton               41pts
As the half time scores were read out the children looked and sounded excited about chasing down the lead ‚ÄčLady Hastings had managed to build. The second half saw the girls take to the track and the boys to the field events of speed bounce, long jump and triple jump. The girls found the first 2 races difficult but finished strongly with two 1st places and a 2nd. The boys however had no trouble and won all three field events in fantastic style. Oliver and Ollie produced a fantastic performance in the speed bounce to win by 15! Which in speed bounce terms is a big, big win. As Mr Parkinson tallied the final scores we were hopefully of finish the competition competitively.
Final standings
1st Ash Tree               108pts
2nd Lady Hastings     98pts
3rd Great Preston     87pts
4th Allerton                81pts
The future looks bright for the Ash Tree Sports Hall Athletics Team!


Amazing Ash Tree

On the 3rd of December 2015 Ash Tree went up against 3 schools in the Sports Hall Athletics Semi-final. The other schools were Bardsey, St Benedict’s and St Teresa’s at John Smeaton high school. In the first half while the girls did their track events the boys did their field events. In the first race both boys and girls took part in the exciting obstacle race where they had to do quick feet, 10 speed bounces and 2 hurdles. As it got to the end of the race it became very close but of course Ash Tree won. At half time we found out that we were in 1st place as another school was only 12 points behind. A big well done to Isabel and Poppy, Mikey and Elliott as they all won their paarlauf races.

In the end, we managed to come 2nd which put a big smile on our faces and a well done to the other schools that participated. After the event we interviewed Mikey and he said “Throughout my experience of athletics this has got to be my favourite competition.”

Written by Madrit and the Journalism Team