Fearsome football

On Wednesday 7-11-16 Kippax Ash Tree took part in a football tournament against a tough team by the name of Hunslet Primary school.

In the tournament before Kippax got a bye due to there was no one able to vs us. But for the other team they played an easy match for them and won 2-0

In this game there were 2 amazing goals both from Ash Tree the first goal was scored by Lewis assisted by Josh and what a goal it was Josh crossed it in to the box and Lewis got to the ball and volleyed it top corner. The other was scored by Taylor, it was a bit of a scrappy goal but this was the goal that secured us the win. We interviewed Madrit who said “it was not the hardest game I have ever played but was not the easiest game ether” and finally we interviewed ash trees finest goal keeper Mikey who said “It was my best game ever due to my clean sheet.”



Sainsbury's Football League 2016-17


W D L Goals For Goals Against Points
Ash Tree A 12 0 0 28 2 48
North 8 0 4 15 8 36
Allerton 4 1 7 8 15 25
Ash Tree B 0 1 5 0 10 7
Greenfield 0 1 5 1 19 7




League Night 1


Ash Tree A 2-0 Allerton
North 3-0 Ash Tree B
Ash Tree A 2-0 North
Ash Tree B 0-2 Allerton
Ash Tree A 2-0 Ash Tree B

Ash Tree A 6-0 Allerton
North 1-0 Ash Tree B
Ash Tree A 1-0 North
Ash Tree B 0-0 Allerton
Ash Tree A 2-0 Ash Tree B 
Allerton 0-1 North 

League Night 2


Ash Tree 1-0 Allerton
North 0-0 Greenfields
Ash Tree 2-0 North
Greenfields 0-1 Allerton
Ash Tree 5-1 Greenfields

Ash Tree 1-0 Allerton
North 5-0 Greenfields
Ash Tree 2-1 North
Greenfields 0-4 Allerton
Ash Tree 4-0 Greenfields
Allerton 1-2 North



Girls football

Monday 18th of January, there was a girls football tournament at Brigshaw High School that was so exciting for the girls because we have so many girls interested in football. We took two strong footballing sides both teams were a mixture of year 5 and 6’s.  The first team rising up to the occasion with lots of saves was Ash Tree B. Carrie made some wonderful saves in a tight nil – nil game. During the 2nd game both teams tried really hard but unfortunately it ended up finishing 0-0 again. Carrie was again our outstanding goal keeper. Some more outstanding goalkeeping was also taking place in the Ash Tree A games by McKenzie.
The final results finished;
Ash Tree A
• 0-0 North
• 4-0 to us Allerton
• 1-0 to us Ash Tree B
• 0-0 Greenfields
Ash Tree B
• 0-0 Allerton
• 0-2 to them
• 0-2 to them
• 0-1 to Ash Tree A

All the girls tried their very hardest and were very tired afterwards. It was a tough competition but we came out at the top! It left the players in blood and bruises but it was all ok because we led the VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!

Final Standings

1st Ash Tree A
2nd Greenfields
3rd Allerton
4th Ash Tree B
5th Kippax North


Report By Mia


Sainsbury's Football League 2015-16


On the Monday 16th of November Kippax Ash Tree Primary School is competing in the Sainsbury’s football league. Ashtree battled their way through the evening competing against schools from the Brigshaw trust area.


The game

All of the boys really enjoyed the game. Mr McAlinden was very proud of the team. Here are a few quotes from some of the boys. Mergim “It was the best football game I have ever played in.” After two exciting 2-0 wins over Allerton and Greenfields. Mason, Ashtrees goalkeeper said “All the team tried their very hardest and played very well.”


Other results:

against Lady Hastings in both games.

0-1 defeat to Allerton and a 1-2 defeat to Greenfields.

Joint winners on the night and we remain in second place in the league table.     


Written by Evie                                  


12 October

Sainsbury's Football League


Kippax Ash Tree v Kippax GreenFields 

A few seconds into the game and we had already had some great saves and some death defying tackles. Great passing from all of the players. J Hunt had a strong shot but it was sadly saved. Some great skills shone through by both teams and with a few minutes from the end a brilliant goal by D Walls finally settled a close game.

The final score was 1-0 to Kippax Ash Tree


Kippax Ash Tree v Allerton BYWATER

Josh scored the first goal of the game a few minutes into the game. The Allerton players had their chances to score but Mergim made some great saves. J Hepworth scored the second goal of the game with seconds remaining leaving the final score at 2-0 to Kippax Ash Tree.                             


Kippax Ash Tree v Lady Elizabeth Hastings

All though it was raining cats and dogs both teams still bravely battled through it. Great shoots from both teams kept the goalkeepers busy. The Ash Tree boys tried their very hardest but suddenly Lady Elizabeth Hastings broke their way through the defence to score a scrappy first goal. A second goal followed for Lady Elizabeth Hastings, final score 2-0 to LEH.


Match reports by: Eve & Mikey