Welcome to the School Sports blog page. Over the coming year we will be bringing you all the news on our wins and (if we ever do) losses in the various events and competitions @Team_Ash_Tree take part in.


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Running club Friday mornings 8.15-8.40

Here's a quick mention of some of the up-coming After School Clubs we will be running... Places are in demand so get your name handed in ASAP.


Gymnastics - We have been let down by the provider but due to the interest we are trying to secure another providers with the same offer. Watch this space.

We are hoping to start a Gymnastics Club next Term.. This Club will be run by members of BG (British Gymnastics) and there will be a £12 per term charge for this club.  If you are interested or want to know more please speak to PE staff or give your name in at the main office.


Team Games

This Club - run by Mr D takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays 3:15 - 4:15. Give your name to Mr Dickinson for further information or book a place.



This club has a twist... you not only dance.... but also sing. Based around Karaoke tracks, see Miss Reid or Miss Smithies for more information




Visit the Ash Tree Sainsburys School Games page to see upcoming fixtures, results of tournaments and blog posts by the sporting children of Kippax Ash Tree as well as here.






Reminder for the sports journalism team. Meetings are Wednesdays from 12.30-1pm in the ICT suite



  • 19th June - KS1 sports day
  • 22nd June - KS1 reserve date for sports day
  • 30th June - Race for Life Family Fun Run at Ash Tree



  • 4th KS2 Sports Day
  • 5th July - PE Sports Awards Evening at Brigshaw
  • 6th Reserve date KS2 Sports Day

Swimming lessons for year 4 & 5- please make sure your child has appropriate kit.


We shall place a link to the report for completed fixtures here.

Though the link will only be live on this page for a short time - all results will be on their respective page.




















Results of the Trust wide sports day 

ASHTREE 190 pts (1st)

Methley 184 pts (2nd)

Greenfield 126 pts (3rd)



Swimming Gala

Cross Country

Sports Hall Athletics

East Leeds Athletics



Girls Football

Sainsbury's Football League (r1)

Sports Hall Challenge Heats



Inter School Sports Day - John Charles Stadium

Above in the rolling gallery are some of the pictures taken at the Academy wide Sports day, held at the John Charles Stadium.

Our reporters will be posting a full report in the next few days. In the mean time a very big WELL DONE to all competitors and staff who supported and cheered on.

Some Thank You messages


Mr McAlinden would like to say a massive thank you to our two newest sponsors.


Ratcliffe building company made a fantastically generous donation to our very successful sports hall athletics team. The money has been used to buy our city finalists a new athletics kit which will be ready for next years competition.


Thank you to Ratcliffe Building for their support


Our Second thank you goes to an organisation that has supported the school before with help to buy sporting equipment for PE lessons.


The GMBs latest funding donation has helped to turn our run down allotment area into a fabulous space to enjoy learning. Without the support of sponsors we wouldn't be able to go provide the very, very best. 


We are still on the look out for a sponsor for our unbeaten girls football team and our junior (year 1&2) competitions kit. If you know of anybody who may be interested in sponsoring one of our teams then please get in touch with Mr McAlinden via the school office.


Dance in the day

On the 14th of March some lucky people got picked to take part in dance in a day. Kippax Ash Tree Primary school and 7 other schools all met up at Brigshaw high school at 9:00am sharp and started of the day with register as normal.

The Kippax Ash Tree squad got together with the dance leaders that Mr Parkinson, who is Brigshaws P.E leader, chose for Ash Tree  and started to learn the dance, which is fast .

The song to go with the dance was to Work Hard Play Hard by David Guetta. It took hours and hours to learn the dance off by heart. The dance leaders were amazing (Lily Ruby and Erris).

Unfortunately, for us the fire alarm went off half way through the day so that meant we had less and less time to practise the dance. All the schools got a run through in the hall where we were preforming it to the parents. It was a hard but fun dance to learn.

At the end of the day Everyone who had been learning the dance throughout the day preformed it to the parents. We were the last one to preform our dance ( best to last ). The next day, at school, we preformed it in a phase assembly everyone loved it a lot!

Check out the dance on Kippax Ash Tree Primary School twitter.

Intra School Athletics
On the 27th February, 9 girls and 9 boys from Years 3 and 4 took part in an intra school sports competition.
When we arrived the children were bursting with excitement but they didn't waste any energy messing around they were they sat down sensibly and awaited instruction they looked focused and confident. The reason they looked so confident was because the week previous they had tirelessly practiced twice a day at their individual and team events.  First Mr Mac took the team for a warm up to prepare them, then Mr D gave the team a last minute prep talk to remind them of what they had been practicing and told them to make sure they enjoyed this experience.
They knew what they had to do! The girls started us off in the running races whilst the boys did their individual events. First race you could straight away see the practice from the previous week paying off. The handovers were slick and we never looked like being caught. the boys won us 4 1st places and 2 3rd's in the individual events and the girls got 3 1st places and a 3rd in the running races. half way through we looked in a strong position.
Now it was the turn of the boys the first race was the sprint race on the 3rd lap we were cruising in 1st nearly a lap in front but then disaster struck. Archie S was running so fast his legs couldn't keep up. He trips and it looked painful! as all the other schools were passing us I thought that was it for us in this race but no!! Archie S is made of tough stuff! he got up and refused to give in. 
After a painful fall he got up and carried on and from last place Archie managed to claw back to 4th place with an amazing show of resilience! In the end the boys managed 1 1st place, 2 2nd places and an amazing comeback in to 4th place.
The girls managed 4 1st places and 2 4th places in the individual events. That was it the races and events were over all we had to do was wait for the results.
Had all that hard work and commitment paid off?? we hoped so. Mr Parkinson got all the schools sat down and announced the winners "In first place is Kippax Ash Tree with a 146pts!" The parents and the children went crazy for the result and it was a well deserved one! 
All the practicing at break and lunch time had paid off. All the sacrifice was worth while the children had worked there socks off and were well deserved winners! Well done Year 3/4 Athletics team!
Written by Mr Dickinson
1st Kippax Ash Tree 146pts
2nd Methley 114pts
3rd Great Preston 80pts    



Cross Country Event


The cross country event took place at the Equestrian Centre at John Charles Sports Centre in Leeds.

We walked through a very slippery, muddy wood to get to the field. There were lots of schools from all around Leeds.  The first race was the Year 5 girls.  Ellie S was the first person from our school to run.  The Year 5 and Year 6’s had to go once completely round the field and then another ¾ of the way round to reach the finishing line.

The year 5 girls lined up. There were about 100 girls.  The whistle went and they set off.  Some of the girls fell as they set off which then caused more girls to fall on top of them.  They completed their first lap and set off on their last one.  As the girls were coming towards the finishing line we were cheering very loudly for Ellie.  She crossed the finishing line, coming in a very respectable 20th position.

The next to race were the Year 5 boys – Lucas M, Keiron H, Taylor R and Oliver L. They ran the same distance as Ellie.  Again, they both did really well with Keiron finishing ahead of Lucas, Oliver and Taylor.

The next race was for the year 6 girls, but we didn’t have any girls taking part.

The last race was the year 6 boys. Taking part for our school was Josh Hepworth, Madrit L and Stan W.  Again, all the boys did really well with Josh finishing ahead of Stan and Madrit, but it was a very close race between our boys.


All the team did really well on a cold, wet and windy day. All the children cheered for their team mates which was lovely to see.


Well done Kippax Ashtree cross country team!

Written by Mrs Ratcliffe



Tricky School Games Netball 

On Monday 6th March 2017, the newly formed Ash Tree netball team took part in their first ever netball competition. A tough looking set of fixtures proved to be an eye-opener into the quality of the netball squads in Kippax and the surrounding area.
An opening tie with Swillington was a struggle and the league leaders showed their clinical side very early on when a swift attack ended with their deadly sharp shooter finding the net. More crisp passing and shooting meant we ended our opening tie with a 3 nil defeat. Game number 2 with the runners up on the night, Methley ended with a demoralising 8 nil defeat. Ash Tree had more of the ball and played much better.
The score line didn't reflect the effort and improvement in performance. As we entered our final game the children were determined to be much more difficult to beat and so they were. Stronger in defense and a handful of shots of our own showed the great strides we had made from game 1 to game 3. Although 4-0 down Ash Tree had created several chances to score and Greenfield's were finding it harder to attack our defence.
The game and competition ended on a high when after a swift flowing move ended with Katy scoring from a tough angle



Swimming Gala


On Friday the 6th of January Kippax Ash Tree Primary School and 6 other schools took part in a Swimming Gala. The teams we’re filled with Year 5 and 6 pupils from every school. The swimming gala took place at Kippax leisure centre.


Kippax Ash Tree Primary School we’re the current champions of the swimming gala but unfortunately they did not win this year. We have won the last 6 gala’s in a row and this year Kippax North made it to the top.


On Friday the 6th of January the swimming gala team set off at 11:30 ready to win all of the races. At 12:00 (midday) the team was ready and was sat at the side of the pool anxiously waiting. We were close to come first but kippax north bet us only by a couple of points and everyone tried their hardest.


We interviewed Libby, we asked her what is your favourite stroke she answered “Breaststroke because I love that it is a calm and slow race.” Some of the other children took part in different races like: the 2 lapped race (front crawl, back stroke and Breastroke) ;woggle race and the relay race.


1st Kippax North

2nd Ash Tree Primary School

3rd Allerton Bywater


Written by: Libby, Mia and Marc.


Changes in our School Sport



Autumn Summary


This term Ash Tree have had a spectacular run of success in PE and Sport.

Our greatest successes have been in Sports Hall Athletics where we have now moved into the Leeds East Semi-finals and in football where we are top of the league.

As well as sports competitions we are also very sporty and active in school, including wake up shake up, sports leaders and skipping. We have got energetic and enthusiastic leaders who have made playtimes perfect by 'wake upping and shake upping' year one and year two as well as our pupil sports coaches who are encouraging year four, five and six to try new sports and skills.

Every day after school pupils have a wide range of exciting clubs including netball, team games, athletics and girls and boys football. One of the most popular clubs is girl’s football as it is a competitive club with pupils who really want to win.

We have also been busy making planning to make a perfect playtime playground and have got some new netball posts to help!

Ash Tree are looking forward to Dance in a day and the swimming gala next term!



Perfect playground

In May of 2015 Zeus class (now year 5) were asked to design a perfect playground.


After designing their own playgrounds, it turned out that all of the children wanted basketball nets so Mr McAlinden approached the PTA and asked them for £2,000 pounds towards the purchase and installation of some posts and nets. They finally said yes in October of 2015 and the project began!

Phase 1 Firstly the net ball nets were built and fitted in September 2015.                                                                                     

Phase 2 The basketball nets were purchased and delivered in November 2015. Mikey in year 5 said he was ecstatic about the basketball nets arriving.


Phase 3 In January 2016 the basketball nets were finally fitted (the bad weather and frozen ground holding up the install team) and the children cannot wait to play with them. Mr McAlinden said “The new posts are a fantastic addition to our P.E curriculum spaces! I will be starting a new basketball and netball club for year 4, 5 and 6 on a Monday after school as of the 22nd February.”   Phase 4 Next term we are hoping for some basketball lining.

 by Mia