Welcome to the Gods and Goddesses phase! 


The middle phase classes are all named after Gods and Goddesses. We have a phase motto which is

'Per aspera ad astra’

which translates as, ‘Through difficulties to the stars......’


We want all of the children in our phase to feel happy and secure coming to school so that they can

learn to the best of their ability and reach their own stars! Keep checking back in with us to see the exciting things we have been doing! We’ll post pictures of children’s work and update you with information as often as possible.

The Star Catchers Phase teachers are Miss Hodgson, Miss Dignum, Miss Brown and Mr Nelson.


Apollo & Minerva


Athena & Zeus


Star Catchers Newsletter




Spelling Guidance – some ideas to help with spelling!!


Link to TESSPaG


(click or copy and paste the link into a new tab or browser window)


  • Write the word: on someone’s back, in the air, with your eyes, on a wall/table with an invisible finger!
  • Speed writing – how often can you write the word correctly in 1 minute?
  • Mnemonics – make up a story to help spell the word

o   was……was auntie sad

  • Break the words into parts and clap the sounds
  • Look for small words inside the words
  • Words that look the same
  • Use colours to write each letter differently
  • Write the word with letters of different sizes      WoMaN
  • Draw the shape of the word
  • Write the words in sand, with paint or on different textures (eg. fine sand paper)
  • Visualising

o   Look at the word

o   ‘Throw’ it at a wall/door/side of the wardrobe/on the TV

o   Can you still ‘see’ it?

o   Spell it out loud

  • Write the word in fancy letters (bubble, cursive, italics, graffiti)
  • Look, say, cover, write, check
  • Use post-its.  Stick them in suitable places at eye level.
  • Consonant circles – write the word then circle all the consonants.
  • Blue vowels – write the word then go over each vowel in blue.
  • Play spelling tennis one letter at a time.
  • Jigsaw – write the word down then cut it into pieces.  Can you put it back together quickly?