Ten Pieces Summer Art Gallery


Come and join us on 17th July for our annual Ten Pieces Summer ArtsMark Gallery.

Pupils will have their works of art on display, Talks from artists that have worked with our students through-out the year, a number of art activities to try your hand at.


The event runs after school from 3:15 until 4:15 in the main hall, and we will be serving canapés and drinks as well.


Everyone is very welcome to this spectacular and popular event.


James And The Giant Peach Drama Project


Last half-term, children from years 4 and 5 participated in 'The Big Drama Project' along with 2 other Primaries and Brigshaw High School to put on a  performance of Roald Dahl's 'James and the Giant Peach'. 

They worked hard over 6 weeks to rehearse their parts and learn all their lines, culminating in a superb performance at Brigshaw on Wednesday 7th June.


Well done to all the children who took part!



Artemis Objects Measure Up To Y1 Maths Work

Our artefacts were a musical instrument (a lute maybe?) and some snow shoes.

We looked at the artefacts, looked to see what 2D shapes we could see on them, and then looked for dimensions that we could measure.

We measured the length of the strings on the lute, and the width of the string set at the top and the bottom.

On the snow shoes we measured the length and the width using a metre stick and the length of a rectangular gap in the strings using a ruler.




This half-term, the children in Kilimanjaro class (year 5) have been experimenting with using paint brushes and sponges attached to canes to paint an atmospheric setting for their horror writing.

Because the painting implements were attached to canes, they had to stand up to paint!

This was pretty tricky but they rose to the challenge and created an eerie scene for their reading corner.

















Nursery children had fun exploring items sent to school from Artemis. 
While looking at the bus they:

Counted windows.

Counted doors.


Looked at the inside and said what they could see.


Talked about how the people got upstairs.


Looked through the windows to the other side.


Moved the bus and watched the wheels move.



While looking at the snake they:


Guessed what it was


Made snake noises!!!


Talked about the shape the body makes and made that with their hands




What a busy afternoon!"