Our Curriculum

Kippax Ash Tree Primary follows the National Curriculum and the EYFS curriculum. We try wherever possible to teach is a cross curricular way (combining subjects e.g: teaching weighing and measuring through cookery) As a staff team we have developed a 'Connected Curriculum' with half termly themes that allow cross-curricular learning to take place. Each year group is different and so the themes and topics get adapted along the way but in general the themes and topics are:


  term 1 term 2  term 3    term 4  term 5    term 6  
Foundation 1  1,2,3,4,5 Out & About Shine, Sparkle & Surprises  Let it Snow! Stomp! Crash! Roar!   Yo, Ho, Ho! Teensy, Weensy, Insy Wincey 
Foundation 2  I am Super! Trick or Treat - Special Delivery!   Get a Move on Dragons, Damsels and Danger 3,2,1...Blast Off Under the Toadstool
Year 1 Whatever the Weather Evergreen, Long Live Our Queen! The Big Freeze  You Are What You Eat! Good Morning Campers!  I do like to be beside the Seaside!
Year 2 Germs, worms & Squirms London's Burning   Under the Sea   Hide and Seek From Plants to Pants Go Wild
Year 3  Tomb Raiders Spend, Spend, Spend   Pick and Mix Caves, Carnivores and Claws Rotten or righteous Romans? Wish you were here?
Year 4 Vicious or Valiant Vikings Lighting up the Past   Emergency on Planet Earth   Mama Mia Dinosaurs, Dodos and Dolphins   Greeky Clean
Year 5 Stars and Stripes To the moon and back again  Dynasty, Dragons, and Downfall  What the Dickens? Unravelling the Past Planet Under Pressure
Year 6 Get to the root of it War! What is it good for?   Through the doorway Write up our street Sun sacrifice and survival   Carnival


Within the core curriculum (English, Maths, Computing and Science) we also use a range of other published programmes and materials.


In Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 we use the Read, Write Inc programme to teach reading and phonics

In Year 1 and Year 2 we use Read Write Inc for reading and phonics mainly but also use Jane Considine's F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.s for the development of enriched writing. Reading is also developed through home reading scheme 'Bug Club' Spelling is based upon the Read Write Inc and National Curriculum word lists. Children read individually with an adult as often as possible. When children have the skills in reading and phonics to come off the Read Wtire Inc programme they move straining in to F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.Cs and group guided reading.

In years 3-6 Read, Write Inc is used as an intervention strategy. Reading is taught through Group Guided Reading, Spelling is taught using 'Spelling Bee'. Bug Club is used for home reading ( real and e-books)



Maths is taught using the national curriculum and end of year expectations documents. Lessons are generally have a 3/2 day structure - 3 days of skill development and 2 days of application and problem solving. Teachers commonly use Twinkl and NCETM to base lesson sequences upon. Children in Y1-6 access Mathletics for homework skill challenges and we also use maths passport. As a Foundation school within the Brigshaw Trust we have an agreed calculation policy approach that we adhere to.



The school recently added a computing suite, we have class sets of laptops, each class has 4-6 desk top computers and we have recently begun investing in tablet technology.  We using the 'Rising Stars' Curriculum to ensure progression and development. We also employ Junior Jam in 4 year groups to teach tablet based skills for multi-media teaching.


Science is taught using the national curriculum document as guidance. Science topics are planned in addition to the connected curriculum to ensure there is fully coverage.


Useful website for more information are:

www.ruthmiskin.com   (Read, Write Inc)

www.risingstars-uk.com  (Computing Curriculum)

www.ncetm.org.uk (National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics)

Or alternative go to the year group pages for more information. Each year group hold meeting to explain the curriculum for their year group. Throughout the year information sessions are held on aspects such as 'helping with reading at home'. If you have any questions, please come and speak to your child's teacher or the Phase Leaders (see contact details on the home page).