Our Curriculum


Key features of our curriculum

  • It is rich in speaking and listening opportunities
  • It promotes a rich literacy heritage
  • It focuses upon pupils being numerate and able to apply these skills in different situations
  • It provides opportunities for using and applying ICT and computing skills
  • It develops in our pupils the skills of reasoning, resilience, reflectivity, responsibility and resourcefulness
  • It develops pupils’ awareness of their place in the world and promotes SMSC aspects British values
  • It ensures there are opportunities for pupils to learn beyond the classroom
  • It encourages parents to be involved in their child’s learning in a variety of ways
  • It includes pupils in the planning of the curriculum topics in age appropriate ways


  • We follow the new National Curriculum for Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, PE and Computing.
  • We follow the Leeds Agreed syllabus for RE
  • Other non-core subjects are woven into the curriculum through topics based upon the skills identified as essential for mastery and understanding in that subject
  • Science, PE, RE, Computing and MFL are taught as stand-alone subjects
  • Art, DT, Music, English and some PSHE and Maths are woven into topics

Curriculum Topics

  • These are planned collaboratively in Year group teams
  • Our topics are memorable learning experiences based on developing individual subject skill development
  • Include opportunities for children to learn outside of the normal classroom environment
  • Are reviewed regularly to ensure the needs the children we teach are being met
  • Year group staff keep a record of the skills taught in each topic to ensure progression and coverage
  • Teach children a wide range of skills to develop their knowledge of the world in which they live and prepare them for their future as a valuable member of society



Curriculum Statements

Please see below our Curriculum Statements document: