The Pastoral Team 

'no significant learning can occur without significant relationship' James Comer 1995

Our vision...

This academic year our aim is to ensure that 'significant relationships' underpin daily practice across the whole of Kippax Ash Tree Primary School.

Our aim is for all relationships to be built on unconditional positive regard. This includes the children, staff, parents and the wider school community.

James Comer once said that 'no significant learning can occur without significant relationship'. For learning to happen and take place children need to be in a place of where they feel safe, be cared for and be listened to.

The Pastoral Team at Kippax Ash Tree allow this to happen. Their relentless work behind the scenes on a daily basis to remove barriers to learning allows for teaching members of staff to focus on getting the learning just right for every single child.

Our role:

At Kippax Ash Tree we have a highly experienced, competent and effective pastoral team who lead on many significant whole school aspects in order to remove barriers to learning. The team lead on:

  • Attendance
  • Nurture groups
  • Behaviour support
  • Emotional support
  • Parent groups
  • Referrals
  • Interventions
  • Support and advice
  • Works with specialist external agencies


This half term...

This half term the Pastoral Team alongside the Deputy Head are taking the lead of a new PSHE Curriculum.

The aim is for PSHE to underpin all learning and teaching throughout Kippax Ash Tree in order for every child to achieve their full potential.

The new PSHE Curriculum 'You, Me and PSHE' covers all aspects of safeguarding ensuring we are giving children the tools to succeed and achieve in life. It covers aspects such as:

  • Physical Health and Wellbeing
  • Keeping safe and managing risks
  • Drug, alcohol and tobacco education
  • Identity, society and equality
  • Sex and relationship education
  • Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing.

Meet the team...

Mrs Parkinson is Kippax Ash Tree's Pastoral Leader and Mrs Bellas supports Mrs Parkinson in her daily role. Each phase has its very own Pastoral Worker:

  • Foundation Stage - Mrs Heath
  • Little Gems - Mrs Kaye
  • Star Catchers - Mr Dickinson
  • Summit Seekers - Mrs Stone

Find out what each team members' role is...

Mr Dickinson - 'My role in school is primarily teaching Sport to Years 1 to 6 however I am also part of the Pastoral Team. As part of the Pastoral Team I work alongside my colleagues to support attendance. This involves collecting / dropping off children and monitoring class attendance. Furthermore I support children with behavioural issues through a calm supportive manner.'  

Mrs Stone - 'I am here to have a friendly ear, to listen and offer support, help with friendships and fallouts, guide and advise, to keep everyone smiling, even through the tough stuff. Making sure everyone feels safe, secure and that they know who they can turn to and where to find them and if all else fails...... eat Maltesers!!'

Mrs Parkinson -   'My role is to listen to, provide any support to and overall work with families and children on emotional and social wellbeing, attendance, child protection, in fact any barrier that stops children achieving the best that they can be at Kippax Ash Tree. If the need is pastoral I will work to find a solution to it.'

Mrs Bellas - 'Hi, I am one of the schools designated child protection officers and the schools parent liaison officer. Along side this I also do the daily attendance, this can involve collecting/dropping off children when families need a little extra support. I also run the nurture program and work with small groups or 1-1 with children supporting their social and emotional development.' 

Mrs Kaye - 'I am the Pastoral Leader for Little Gems.' My work involves supporting children in class, improving attendance in my phase and leading small groups of children with a focus on social and emotional development. Furthermore I work with parents to support them and advise them'.

Mrs Heath - 'I work as a 1:1 support in the mornings in Foundation Stage. In the afternoons a run small groups for children in Foundation Stage who have social and emotional difficulties. We do activities such as baking and gardening with the aim to develop PSED skills.'

Mr Skelton - 'My role is to support KS2 in terms of pupils with behavioural issues and keep them in mainstream education. This applies across the Brigshaw Trust and thus involves working with pupils who need support with certain areas at other schools in the Trust, such as Swillington. I do one to one or group work and focus upon certain areas that need addressing, such as anger, empathy etc.'