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September 2018 

We have begun Autumn Term 2018 with a quiet determination this year. This year we are focused upon getting further, flying higher and going deeper with our learning. As adults it is important that we never stop learning, that we follow our lead from the children. Everyday children are given feedback to act upon, advice to respond to and models to emulate. Our children do that beautifully. As adults we often find it harder. So this year we will all by trying harder to be a bit braver and take feedback and advice to improve. 

Mrs Johnson is continuing her campaign to make Ash Tree love reading and books, Mrs Varley has decided really great science is the way to inspire and wow children. Miss Farrington is  still our resident Mathematician with a desire to make maths magical for all, Mr Hicks still believes Kippax should be twinned with Catalina and wants us all speaking Spanish. Mrs King have her fountain pens at the ready to ensure Ash Tree children are true writers. Mr D has a passion for getting the whole school active and healthy. Miss Eckersley is still working with those welly warriors to get children inspired about the environment - not to mention Mr Nelson, Miss Crossley, Miss Hodgson, Miss Bowles, Miss Panther, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Druery, Mrs Crook and Miss Stephenson all adding their own little bit of flavour to our Ash Tree cooking pot! 

We know that this academic year is shaping up to be the best yet! Thank you so much for being a part of Team Ash Tree 


Have an Ash Tree amazing Day!  




March 2018

Welcome to our new website and a new term. 

Today is 'Offer Day' for parent/carers applying for Reception places. This is where it all begins! All the excitement, all the questions, all the heartache, all the growing and all the new learning. 

We know that your child is precious and special and needs something a little different to all the rest sometimes, all the time or just for a time. 

I honestly believe that 'going to big' school is hardest for all the mums, dad and carers. There are all those worries about 'What is they don't like it?' 'What if they don't settle?' 'What if they don't make friends?' 

It is a long time until September and that gives you lots of time to think of all the worst case scenarios. It is true - there a thousands of 'What if questions' but do you remember when they were first born and you thought they would never sleep? Eventually they did. Do you remember when they couldn't crawl - and then they did and didn't stop? The baby years go so quickly and the amazing little people that come to our school have already learned a million things.

Honestly, some will learn faster, some slower, some will love reading, others will love running, some will be popular, others will be shy but everything they have learned until now is from you and that doesn't stop because they are going to school - it just increases. There is no such thing as too much learning. 

Children learn from their environment - if they live in a house excited about a new, big school adventure - the child will be excited. If they live with anxiety and worry, they will learn to be wary of school.

As a parent my youngest child is just getting ready to leave Primary School. The time has gone so quickly and we have loved the ride - it hasn't all been easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. However, she has cried with laughter, she has made friends, she has learned new things, she has practices skills, developed talents and become her own person. Your child will do the same. 

Of course there are times when mistakes have been made. She made mistakes, I made mistakes, staff made mistakes, her friends made mistakes but between us all we have nearly made it through. 

I can promise you that we will make some mistakes, but that is because we are human, just like you. We want the first day of 'Big School' to be the beginning of an Ash Tree amazing adventure. Every adventure has its twists and turns and we cannot wait to start this journey with our new Foundation Stage classes. 

As we start this journey - our year 6 children are coming towards the end of their Primary School journey. The children are focussed for the SATs testing in May but SATs are a tiny part of the journey for children. The SATs will record how the children did on a test one day in May 2018. They will not evidence a great sense of humour, or ability to have empathy and demonstrate care for others. SATs don't show anyone what an amazing dancer you are or what an fantastic eye you have for design. 

Over the next few weeks we will give the SATs our best shot, we will try our hardest but we will also keep doing art and PE and Science because our children are more than a SATs result - they are truly Ash Tree amazing. I am incredibly proud to be Head Teacher of a school full of adventurers, who roll with the twists, grapples with the turns, make mistakes and make it all count. 

Have an Ash Tree amazing Day 



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