Staff Wellbeing

Below are 50 + things we do at Kippax Ash Tree to promote staff well being:

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Teaching, Learning, Planning, Curriculum:

• No pressure to put on a show in observation – alongside working with other team members to help support, problem solve and develop in your own way.
• LTP curriculum designed by SLT for the staff
• Schemes of work to be adapted to fit the needs of your children
• Teachers plan their best approaches to learning in their classrooms
• Differentiation – teach from the top model with some children requiring more support than others
• Support staff team with expertise and experience
• In house Speech and Language intervention
• In house Pastoral care (including dogs!) to support with children, families and staff


• Everyone has the highest of expectations with behaviour – all staff not just teaching staff
• Clear behaviour system and school rules based upon relationships
• SLT run Keep Calm club at lunch times
• Try to use internal cover to cover teachers
• Pivotal positive behaviour allows staff and children to build relationships
• SLT ‘on call’ to support with behaviour conversations


• Give as much valuable oral feedback where possible
• ‘No more marking’ national moderation activities for writing
• Marking is for one audience and one audience only – never tick and flick
• We never ask for the same data to be entered twice
• Reports to parents are taken directly from o-track
• Dojo allows for positive home school relationships to be fostered
• Teaching team do the formative, SLT do the summative – together we design the next steps
Professional Development:
• CPD tailored to staff needs
• Staff meeting time to do… if it can be a video or email it will be.
• Assessment update time given to staff
• CPD to support staff often given as time in lieu
• In house subject leadership allowing for leaders to be in house experts in their leadership field and support other staff
• Targeted support plans for teachers who need some extra support and development
• Develop leadership positions amongst middle leaders
• Comprehensive support for NQTs with dedicated mentors and regular meetings.
• Comprehensive support for Red Kite students with dedicated mentors and regular meetings.
• Performance management meetings – data targets are aspirational – we begin with the assumption that everyone will get a pay rise unless they haven’t done all they can to improve pupil outcomes.

Staff well being:

• There are no prizes for staying late – work in a way that suits you and allows you to make time for your family and yourself.
• Dojo down time (no responses needed between 5pm-8am)
• 7pm-7am email curfew
• Constantly trying the streamline processes so systems take less time.
• No tick box culture – never do anything unless it’s going to make a positive difference to our children
• Surveys for staff – honest opinions how can we improve?
• Confidential counselling service available for all staff
• A culture of positive praise and recognition of each other
• Open door SLT – no problem is too small
• Staff social (ly distanced) events out of school hours
• In school health events
• Seasonal events for everyone to showcase their less serious side – Themed days, World Book Day, Christmas Jumper Day etc
• Well – Being health checks
• Parents evening starts at 2pm so staff don’t have to stay too late
• Thank you Staff breakfasts, lunches, treats
• Well-being and SEMH working party advocating for everyone
• Secret buddy
• PPA with colleague teacher/s to share the load.
• lieu time for support staff coming to additional training
• staff can visit the Fare Share ‘pay as you feel’ once vulnerable packs are put together
• End of term collective activities in the hall to support with the ‘end of term-ness’
• SLT also take groups for Y6 before and after school to help out with the learning
• DHTs available to model, team teach, support as needed
• Weekly thankyou’s shared in staff briefing and on briefing notes
• We encourage PPA to be taken at home to reduce commute, give staff the opportunity to take own children to and from school
• PPA is covered by additional staff and is set days to ensure routine
• Year 6 roles and responsibilities provides extra help and support to staff
• SEMH is everyone’s responsibility