IMG 4536

Mrs A Campbell

Department: Head Teacher

IMG 8282

Mrs K Johnson

Department: Deputy Head Key Stage 2

IMG 8321

Miss H Smithies

Department: Deputy Head for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (on maternity leave)

IMG 8326

Mrs A Harrison

Department: Foundation Stage

IMG 8266

Miss C Eckersley

Department: Foundation Stage

IMG 8309

Mrs H Watt

Department: Foundation Stage

IMG 8313

Mrs A Lacy

Department: Foundation Stage

IMG 8830

Miss A High

Department: Foundation Stage

IMG 8300

Mr S Hicks

Department: Year 1 Teacher & Arts & Language Leader

IMG 9066

Miss L Stephenson

Department: Year 2 Teacher and SENCO

IMG 8353

Miss R Farrington

Department: Year 2 Teacher & Maths Leader

IMG 8357

Mr A Dickinson

Department: PE Leader, Enrichment Leader and Behaviour Support Worker

IMG 8328

Mrs J Heath

Department: Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

IMG 8347

Miss L Reid

Department: Class Teacher

IMG 8272

Mrs R Crook

Department: Year 2 Teacher & Read, Write Inc Leader

IMG 8284

Mrs C Stone

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

IMG 4589

Mrs A Ratcliffe

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

IMG 4537

Mrs A Roe

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

IMG 8289

Mrs J Monks

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

IMG 8292

Mr M Nelson

Department: Year 3 Teacher

IMG 8331

Mrs J Bellas

Department: Pastoral Leader

IMG 8336

Mrs J Kirk

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

IMG 8475

Mrs G Curtis

Department: Office Manager

Miss R Jay

Department: Year 5 Teacher

IMG 8264

Miss M Crossley

Department: Year 5 Teacher & DT Leader

IMG 8276

Mrs F Varley

Department: Year 6 Teacher & Science Leader

Mr Ben McCarthy

Department: Year 6 Teacher

IMG 8556

Mrs L King

Department: Class Teacher ( on maternity leave)


Mrs L Bentley

Department: Foundation Stage

IMG 8360

Miss S Diprose

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

Miss C Panther

Department: Year 1 Teacher & English Leader

IMG 9267

Mrs K Birkenshaw

Department: Key Stage 2 Support

IMG 8350

Miss A Kitching

Department: Key Stage 1 Support


Mrs A Astbury

Department: Key Stage 1 Support and Speech and Language Support

Mr C Watson

Department: ICT Technician

Mr A Fairburn

Department: Site Manager


Ms A Ricketts

Department: Office and Admin Support


Mrs A Day

Department: Lunch Time Assistant

IMG 4168

Mrs S Gifford

Department: KS1 Support

Miss F Bowles

Department: Year 4 Teacher

Miss A Squires

Department: KS2 Support Staff

Miss H McPherson

Department: FS Support Team

Mr C Gayles

Department: KS1 & KS2 Support Team

Mrs S Butterfield

Department: FS / KS1 Support Team

Mrs S Darley

Department: Business Manager

Mrs C Hall & Ms M Blackwood

Department: Year 4 Class Teacher

Ms L Simpson

Department: Foundation Stage