Learning at Home

Return to School - Monday 8th March 2021

From Monday 8th March in line with Government advice we will be inviting all children to return to school. We will continue with our school's Covid protocols from the Autumn Term. This includes:

  • staggered start and finish times
  • class bubbles
  • staggered outdoor break times
  • lunch to be eaten in the classroom
  • virtual assemblies
  • regular hygiene routines 
  • coming to school in PE kit on PE day



For the next three weeks the whole school will take part in a 'reconnection unit' linked to the NHS called 'Rainbows'. In this curriculum unit each year group's learning foci will be linked to a central theme; after every a storm comes a rainbow. This unit will heavily be focused around reconnecting after lockdown, overcoming the 'storms' in our lives and coming out the other side stronger. 

Year groups units:

  • EYFS will be learning all about emotions through The Colour Monster, our NHS Superheroes linked to aspirations and the past year. 
  • Year 1 and 2 will be learning about Captain Tom and kindness as a superpower. 
  • Year 3 and 4's learning will be based around 'Nile's Smile' and other stories based around overcoming adversity.
  • Year 5 and 6 will focus on the work of Nye Bevan and how the NHS began. 

You can find our 'NHS Rainbows MTP' for Spring B on the Voices and Choices Curriculum page. 

Our Ash Tree Home Learning Offer - January 2021

Following Government advice this half term, our school will only be open to key worker and vulnerable children. Learning will move to home learning as of 5th January 2021 for all other children. Your child's daily learning timetable and activities will be posted on to your child's Class Dojo Class Story. 


Our Curriculum Offer

Teachers have been advised to provide up to 3-4 hours of learning each day. Our Ash Tree teachers will be providing children with a daily:

  • Maths lesson
  • English lesson
  • Reading session (Book Talk / Reading skills)
  • Phonics lesson (EYFS and KS1), SPAG/Grammar lesson (KS2)
  • Foundation Subject task


  • English, Maths and Foundation Subject lessons will be taught via the Oak Academy.
  • Phonics and Book Talk lessons will be pre-recorded by our teachers and uploaded to Class Dojo. 
  • Children will be expected to complete the work set daily and upload this to their Class Dojo portfolio.
  • Teachers will then give feedback to individual children via Class Dojo and offer daily feedback sessions.
  • Furthermore, teachers will also offer a weekly 'welfare catch up' with their class via a Zoom meeting to take part in an activity such as a quiz, game or discussion. 


Our teachers will:

  • Provide a weekly timetable to support parents with timings and schedules
  • Give clarity about what is intended to be taught
  • Use class dojo to communicate all daily lessons
  • Use class dojo to communicate to parents 
  • Give feedback to children on their uploaded work via the class dojo portfolios
  • Record a daily morning message with clear explanations of the work and learning activities planned for the day
  • Offer support to parents and children who struggle to understand key learning concepts
  • Provide a weekly welfare live 'check in' via Zoom to the pupils in their class. 
  • Set meaningful and ambitious work each day in an age appropriate way
  • Provide the designated 3-4 hours of learning per day
  • Provide opportunities for children to investigate, enquire, question and reflect
  • Provide opportunities to apply and consolidate knowledge


As a school we will:

  • Support our teachers to deliver remote learning
  • Support our teachers to deliver feedback to pupils 
  • Have a system in place for checking whether pupils are engaging in their learning at home
  • Work with families via the Pastoral Team to support those families where engagement is a concern
  • Monitor the quality of remote learning 
  • Set teacher expectations for the delivery and quality of remote learning
  • Offer to loan out tablets for those families who have limited technology at home.
  • Support parents to increase their data allowance through the gov.uk scheme if eligible.
  • Provide CPG work books for those families who have no Internet access at home.
  • Visit families who we have no contact with.


Special Educational Needs

Children who have SEND needs will be provided with a specialised learning pack tailored to their learning needs. Our school will work with families and put in place reasonable adjustments so our children with SEND needs can access remote learning. 


Vulnerable Children  

As a school, we have robust systems in place to support our vulnerable families. Our Pastoral Team will check whether a vulnerable child is able to access remote learning. We will put suitable provision in place and regularly check on those children via phone calls, zoom meetings and door step home visits. 

*At the bottom of this page you can find other remote learning supporting documents including 'How our remote learning offer complies with DFE requirements'. 


Our Re-connection Curriculum - September 2020

Our children have had unique experiences of and responses to the events of 2020. This has been a year of significant world events, disrupting and changing the ways of life of people across the globe. To support the well-being of our children we have chosen to respond to their emerging needs and follow a two week unit called 'Here We Are', based on the book by author Oliver Jeffers. The unit of work has been devised for a whole school to work together using a single text to support a transition curriculum as pupils return to school. 


here we are


The aim of this re-connection unit of work is to:

  • provide a framework for children to re-engage socially with each other and their wider community
  • suggest opportunities to engage positively with the outdoor environment
  • stimulate thinking and talk about world events and the impact of these events on individuals and the wider world
  • provide a safe forum to share thoughts, concerns, ideas and personal responses
  • use art and writing to help children respond personally to experiences they have had


The planned experiences:

  • support children and schools to engage in reflections around some of the thoughts, feelings and responses arising from the disruption caused the COVID-19 pandemic
  • explore how our world view and our place in it has evolved, and been shaped and influenced by events, during this period
  • support children to develop a sense of themselves as citizens of the world and belonging to a wider community, providing them with a sense of agency and inspiring them to contribute to making the world around them a better place.


Our Learning at Home Offer

If a child or member of staff in one of our bubbles receives a positive Covid-19 test, we will ask that bubble to self isolate for 14 days at home.

In the event of this happening, all work will be uploaded to your child's bubble Class Dojo page (KS1&2) / Tapestry page (EYFS) for you to access remotely from home. Furthermore, in the event of a complete school lock down, the same will apply and all teachers will upload daily lesson plans and activities to their bubble's Class Dojo page.  

Teachers will also upload video demonstrations and explanations via Class Dojo to ensure the work set is clearly understood. Children will be expected to complete the work and upload it to their online portfolio.

An example of Class Dojo home learning:


  learn at home pic 3learn home pic 2  home learn pic


We also have the following websites which all children have their log on details for. If your child does not have their log on details please contact your child's class bubble teacher. If you do not have Internet access or a digital device at home to access the online learning, please let your child's bubble teacher know and we can provide a printed paper copy. 


Oxford Owl for Reading


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