School Meals

At Kippax Ash Tree, we believe in 'Family Dining'.


What is 'Family Dining'?

The children sit around a table in groups of eight and are expected to help set out the table and use good table manners. All dietary needs can be catered for as our chef cooks the meals each morning.

We believe this is a good way of providing meal times for our children as it helps to build children's independence and communication skills. Our family dining routines match the vision in which we deliver our curriculum.


Online Payments

We have an online facility where you can pay for your school meals via Leeds City Council. You will need to obtain an ID code for your child from the school office, then visit Parent Pay


Free School Meals

If you are the parent, foster parent, network family carer or guardian of children at school and you are on a low income, you could be entitled to Free School Meals. Young people who are still at school but receive Income Support in their own right can also receive Free School Meals.

Please click here for more information about Free School Meals.