Art, Music and Design

Art and Design

A cross- curricular approach is used to teach Art and Design across both key stages. For example, Art can be explored through Maths or topic work. As well as this, children learn about a range of artists from many historical times and from all over the world and are encouraged to discuss the work and express their opinions. Children explore ideas and experiment with various materials and techniques. Sketch books are used across school to record ideas and practice new skills. The children develop their ability to use colour, pattern, texture and line. They also work in 3 dimensions, experimenting with form and space. Then they are encouraged to evaluate their finished work and reflect upon it. Work is frequently displayed in school and the children are proud of their achievements.


Children are taught music in their classes. The school’s long term plan provides a framework for children to develop their musical skills and knowledge as they progress through the school. The national curriculum states that ‘children should learn to play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments’. We aim to develop an enjoyment of performing, as confidence in-front of people also helps with children’s public speaking and presentation skills.

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The focus of each half term’s work is linked to the year group’s topic theme, to provide a sense of purpose to the music. The classes have access to melody instruments as well as tuned and un-tuned percussion.
Singing is taught in whole school assemblies as we feel there is a sense of community developed when everyone is singing together, singing and music appreciation skills are developed at the same time.
Listening and appreciation skills are a feature of the curriculum. Children are taught to ‘listen with concentration and understanding’ and are taught to ‘appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians’.
There is a school choir which practices at least once a week. The choir takes part in local events and sometimes finds itself venturing further afield too.