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 March 2018: World Book Day

We had an Ash Tree amazing day celebrating World Book Day in March. The children and staff all dressed up as their favourite story book characters. We had classroom quizzes, competitions, bookopoly, a performance from the Foundation Stage staff of Room on the Broom and classes even decorated their classroom doors to look like book covers. 

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World Book Week 2019 

This year we went about things a little bit differently. all year long we have been talking about books, stories and our love of reading. we decided that this year the focus would be all about our favourite stories.  First of all Mrs Curtis organised the Book Fair to be in school all week - not only that but we had the fair open right until 7pm at the Parent / Carers evening so there was no excuse. We held assembly and decided our World Book Week motto was going to be 'Don't buy costumes, buy books!' 

We had to then think about how to share our favourite books and stories with each other, there is nothing we all love more than crafting and quizzes so we decided to play ' choose 2 clues'  where everyone made or found 2 physical clues to represent their favourite story or book - then had class competition to guess the book. 

The best clues from each class then went forward to a whole school 'Choose 2 clues competition'. The ideas were truly inspired. Some children created the smell of their story - some made things from the setting, some creates sound clues - Ash Tree amazing! 

Inbetween all the clue crafting and game playing we also got plenty of reading in - children were reading in the corridors, under tables, on their tummy's, behind the curtains ... everywhere you looked - someone was stuck in a book! 

We even managed to have a real life author visit us during our school Book Week, Saviour Pioirti not only shared is wild stories in an special assembly but then he went into Year 4 and talked the children through his process to writing a story. 

Finally is came to the end of World Book Week but we all know you can't leave a good book alone! So the work has continues right into Easter with our 'Shell me a story' challenge where children made a story setting shoe box and egg characters to represent their stories... 

In some places World Book Day is one day - at Ash Tree its just becoming a way of life - books and stories all day, everyday!