Our Voices and Choices Curriculum 2020 2021

Our Curriculum Design Intent

This academic year we have re-written our whole school curriculum. The intent behind our whole school theme approach is to support collaboration across the families at Ash Tree. Our curriculum has been designed to be relevant and specific to our children, locality and families. We have carefully considered the time spent out of school due to Covid schools closures and the learning that has been missed. Our context and our cultural capital underpins the curriculum design. The spiralised approach allows for the deepening of skills and progression up through the year groups whilst keeping a consistent learning theme across the school. We are using this year as our foundation year giving the children a breadth of experiences, knowledge and skills in order to have a platform to use their voice and make informed choices going forward. The design of the curriculum allows for full National Curriculum subject and objective coverage. The fortnightly themes keep the learning fresh, support metacgnition strategies and ensure our children are at the highest point of engagement in their learning whilst the overarching themes are based upon current and relevant topics. 

Our curriculum, titled 'Voices and Choices' is divided in to half termly over arching units and then broken down in to fortnightly themes.

The units are:

  • Who do you think you are?
  • Is it just an illusion?
  • Survival
  • Our World
  • Fight for your rights
  • We could be heroes

Pupil Voice

'The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.' Ludwig Wittgenstein

Through our weekly child led projects children develop the use of their voice and learn how to make informed choices about the direction of their learning. Child led projects are timetabled weekly and run alongside the current half termly topic. Our curriculum gives children the breadth and depth to hang their voice on and in turn make informed choices. The child led projects give us the opportunity to facilitate language development to ensure our children are not limited in the world. We aim to develop children's confidence and knowledge so children can be fully informed and feel able to use their voice purposefully in any given context. 

Please find our whole school Medium Term Plans for 2020-2021 below.