Pupil Parliament

The Pupil Parliament Vision

Your voice represents you, people recognise you by your voice and the tone of your voice, the way you pronounce words and words you choose to use. The voice is a powerful instrument that can inspire, encourage and inform - but it can also destroy, belittle and intimidate. The empowering of children to use their voice is a difficult business. What if we give children a voice and they say things that we don’t agree with? Does the adult voice have more value than the child’s voice? Does parent voice have more value than staff voice? Is the support staff voice less valid than the teaching staff voice? Does age make a difference? Does experience? Is it all about how many other people say they agree with you? All these questions and many more need to be examined as part of our journey over the next three years to give voices and choices to the children and adults for Kippax Ash Tree.



Pupil Parliament meet The Lord Mayor - January 2018.

Voice development needs to be done gradually and progressively. Children need to be shown how to use their voices, practice the process, hear other voices, recognizing difference and similarities. Emulation and practice is needed and then application and synthesis. Oration is a powerful skill and is not easily attained. Children will need different audiences and opportunities. Freedom of speech is a challenging concept but one that we will empower children. We need to give the voice, in order for children to vocalize their choice.

What is Pupil Parliament?

At Kippax Ash Tree we actively promote pupil leadership opportunities, enabling our children to develop valuable communication, organisation and debating skills. We believe that providing these key roles of responsibility are paramount to their development and learning experience. Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard.

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Pupil Parliament launch UK Parliament Week - November 2017.

Our successful Pupil Parliament is a well-respected body within the school and consists of eight pupils from Years 5 and 6; eight Members of parliament (MPs) and one Leader of the House. Children involved in our Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environment. As part of their responsibilities, the team organise their own meetings, decide on an agenda, share new ideas and vote on a number of school-related issues. Actions from each meeting are shared with the rest of the school through their own channel, MPPTV.

What have we been up to?

July 2018: Pupil Parliament attend the Youth Voice Summit in Leeds

Leeds Youth Voice aim to give children and young people a voice; helping to make Leeds become a more child friendly city. They are involved in the Leeds Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament. They share our values of Participation, Democracy and Citizenship.

Once a year they organise a Leeds Youth Voice Summit and invite Year 5 pupils from all over Leeds to come and talk about the important issues young people face, both in Leeds and across the UK. We took three Year 5 pupils along to learn how to campaign for some important world issues. They also got a tour of the Council Chambers and attended a question and answer session with the newly appointed Lord Mayor of Leeds. 

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June 2018: Generous June #bekind #kindnesscostsnothing

This half term Pupil Parliament have been working hard on their Generous June Campaign. They are launching their Ash Tree #bekind challenge for the month of June. Each child in the school will have a challenge board with kindness challenges on which they have to complete over the month. There is also four blank spaces for children to add their own kindness challenge ideas. Children who successfully complete the kindness challenges and those who can create the four most originally kindness challenges will be entered in to our prize draw at the end of the month! Good luck!

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January 2018: Pupil Parliament visit The Civic Hall.

Pupil Parliament had a fantastic time visiting The Civic Hall in Leeds and meeting the Lord Mayor of Leeds. They had the opportunity to visit the council chambers, have a tour around the Civic Hall and also had tea and biscuits with the Lord Mayor herself. This was a great opportunity for Pupil Parliament and we are very grateful to the Lord Mayor for letting us visit. 

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December 2017: Pupil Parliament pre-loved book stall.

Pupil Parliament worked hard to collect pre-loved books for their second hand book stall at the Christmas Fair. They managed to sell nearly all of the books they were donated and made over £100. This money will be used to go towards their Pupil Parliament trip to meet The Lord Mayor of Leeds in January. Well done all! 

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November 2017: The Great Ash Tree debate.

For Parliament Week UK Pupil Parliament organised 'The Great Ash Tree debate'. This was a opportunity for children of Ash Tree to put their questions about school life forward to a panel of staff members. On our panel we had Miss Lennon, Mrs Campbell, Mr Hicks, Mrs Abbott and our very own Pupil Parliament member Isabelle. Children asked a range of questions and the adults got to give their opinions and views on the subject matter. 

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November 2017: Pupil Parliament lead a Bake Sale for Children In Need. 

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