Pupil Parliament 2019 - 2020

Our Ash Tree Pupil Parliament 

IMG 7473

Introducing our newly elected Pupil Parliament team, voted for by the children of Kippax Ash Tree. Each member will be representing a year group. You can read a snippet of their manifesto below ...

Foundation Stage Representatives:

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'I will be a great positive role model, good listener and I will be confident with the younger children as i have two younger siblings.' Belle

IMG 7467

'I love helping others and I have a kind nature.' Leyton

Year 1 Representative:

IMG 7470

'I have experience of begin a buddy so I know how important it is to be a positive role model.' Tilly

Year 2 Representative:

IMG 7469

 'I want to focus on improving attendance for my year group and developing play times.' Whitney

Year 3 Representative:

IMG 7471

'I want everyone to enjoy school, feel happy and safe. No one should be left out.' Abbie

Year 4 Representative:

IMG 7466

'If anyone has some great ideas I am ready to listen.' Shawnell

Year 5 Representative: 

IMG 7465

'I want to improve PE lessons across school.' Chloe 

Year 6 Representative:

IMG 7468

'I am a confident public speaker and a great listener. I will help everyone to the best of my ability.' Xander 

 Autumn Term 2019

This group of children will be beginning their first assignment straight away and look forward to sharing it with their constituents soon. Watch this space ....