Pupil Parliament 2020 -2021

Pupil Parliament 2020 -2021

January 2021

This half term Pupil Parliament have decided they would like their work to concentrate on some aspects of school development. They would like to create their own weekly news briefing taking the form of Pupil Parliament TV. This also involves a 'shopping channel' where Pupil Parliament would like to sell gifts for Mother's Day in March to support fundraising for our KAPS team. 

November / December 2020

This half term Pupil Parliament are carrying out some very important work to support our whole school Anti Bullying campaign. They will be writing their very own 'one minute' child friendly guide to Anti Bullying. Every child is each class across the whole of school has signed their Anti Bullying Class charter. Pupil Parliament are starting their work off by launching 'Odd Socks Day' to celebrate everyone's uniqueness. You can download our 'Child's Guide to Anti Bullying' on our Policies page. 

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October 2020

We have new recruits! This half term we welcome our newly elected Year 5 members to the Pupil Parliament team. This academic year we have had to slightly alter the way we run Pupil Parliament due to Covid restrictions so each bubble now has their own member. 

Please meet our new team for 2020/21 below. 

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September 2020

We are currently looking to recruit two new Year 5 members of our Pupil Parliament Team. Please watch our new recruitment video below.


Watch this video to find out what you need to do if you would like to apply!