At Kippax Ash Tree, we strive to give children a rich knowledge Science curriculum with substantive enquiry opportunities and immersive, purposeful experiences for all. Using elements of the REACH curriculum, we give children ambitious scientific vocabulary and knowledge. It allows frequent opportunities for children to retrieve and recall facts from their short term memory using good oracy skills in order for it to successfully embed in their long term memory. We weave working scientifically throughout the curriculum when using the five enquiry types and other practical opportunities. We strive for our children to be ambitious and curious scientists who can apply scientific skills to enquire and find out about the world around them.


To implement our intent, teachers receive up to date science CPD in order for them to understand how to follow the process of Stimulus, Plan, Do, Review. Starting with a ‘Stimulus’ enables children to become excited, sharing their prior knowledge or misconceptions in an observational based approach. ‘Plan, Do, Review’ covers the objectives of working scientifically. Teachers plan every lesson with a scientifically objective knowledge aim and an enquiry type at its heart. Vocabulary is progressive across the year groups and displayed on working walls for reference. Active assessment strategies are implemented by staff, where children can show what they know instead of conforming to closed questions in a test situation. Tight progression is planned across school, where teachers can see what they should be teaching, following national curriculum guidance, and what has been taught before. The five enquiry types are on display in every classroom, referred to in lessons and in planning and tracked across the year.


Our science curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression based on the current best research in Primary Science education. We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Active assessment small group tasks provides an accurate picture of our children’s conceptual understanding and skills

  • Tracking of knowledge in pre and post learning activities

  • Assessment data being used to close gaps in understanding and skills for all learners 

  • Pupil discussions about their learning

  • Book looks to check coverage of knowledge and a multi-layered approach to each lesson.

We hold the Primary Science Quality mark, and two years later the high standards of this are well-embedded. Our teachers continue to engage with internal and external CPD to ensure their subject knowledge and skills are strong!


Silver Award 2019