About Us

Ash Tree pupils are the best – there, we have said it!

Our children are engaged, enthusiastic, generous, thoughtful, caring and the list could go on an on and on. Our website will give you lots of information, you can check up on dates, download policies, read up on data and statistics but none of that will really tell you what our school feels like. The only way you can experience Ash Tree amazing for yourself is by visiting us. It is only then, that you can feel the calm, purposeful atmosphere, feel the buzz of Foundation Stage explorations, see the way children move around the school with a real stride of pride; hear the laughter and happiness and witness the care and warmth of relationships.

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Ultimately a great school comes down to three things; the highest expectations, an amazing staff team and children who want to be there. If you have the highest expectations of the children, they can reach them. We expect, encourage, support and challenge Ash Tree children to do better, every lesson, every day, every week, every term, every year. We set targets, reach for them, celebrate, then set more and reach further, higher, deeper; we reach them, celebrate them and … well you get the idea. At Ash Tree we are big on the celebrating.

The big weekly celebration happens on a Friday in Celebration Assembly where Pupil Parliament, with the help from the Head teacher, celebrate effort, attitude, skills, knowledge and achievement supported by class member, staff, parents and families. Children’s successes are celebrated by awarding them with their rightful place on ‘the benches of glory’ as their name and accomplishments are shared from the ‘golden file of gorgeousness’.

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Throughout the year children take part in many other Ash Tree amazing celebration events such as Hot Choc Friday, 100% Pizza Parties, farm visits, trips, author visits, residentials, theatre productions, curator projects, charity events, national events and just in case that isn’t enough, classes can even play whole school Kippaxopoly aiming to win prizes, take the forfeits and do all they can to avoid the dreaded ‘Go to Jail’. We are passionate about making memories, making learning memorable and enjoyable. We are passionate about our children.

Ash Tree is a school with an increasing Twitter presence. You can follow us on Twitter or on our Facebook page and see the escapades of a good school getting better each day @AshTreeKATPS. We do not claim to be a ‘Great School’ yet, but we are getting there, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. We are on a learning journey that has its ups and downs and everyday we are teaching ourselves and our children to love every twist and turn of the ride.