About Us

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Ash Tree pupils are the best – there, we have said it!

Our children are engaged, enthusiastic, generous, thoughtful and caring- the list could go on and on.

Our website will give you lots of information; you can read about the curriculum, download policies and read up on recent data.

Nevertheless, the only way you can truly experience ‘Ash Tree Amazing’ is by visiting our school. It is only then that you can feel our calm and focused learning atmosphere, experience the buzz of Foundation Stage explorations and witness the way children move around school as they fill it with pride, laughter and warmth.


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Our Ash Tree Aims and Values

Our mission is to provide a transformative cradle to career education that allows our children to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity. At Kippax Ash Tree this means creating a range of opportunities and learning experiences that inspire informed choices and develop authentic and powerful voices. Our children will strive to thrive.

We STRIVE to THRIVE by being: 

  • active participants in learning and life.
  • full of positive, ambitious energy and ideas. We are resourceful, inspiring role models and believe we can succeed
  • respectful communicators and demonstrate that every person is a person of value.

Ultimately, a great school comes down to three things; high expectations, an amazing staff team and children who want to be there. We expect, encourage and support children to do better every lesson, every day, every term and every year. We set targets, reach for them, and then celebrate. As we repeat this, we reach further each time and celebrate every achievement. At Ash Tree, we are big on the celebrating...

Celebrate the Great!

The big weekly celebration happens at our Friday ‘Celebration Assembly’, where the Pupil Parliament (MPs), with help from the Head teacher, celebrate effort, attitude, skills, knowledge and achievement. This is supported by class members, staff, parents and families.

Children’s successes are celebrated by awarding them with their rightful place on ‘The Chair of Champions’, and their name and accomplishments are shared from the ‘Golden File of Gorgeousness’.

Some children watch this celebration from the 'Best Seats in the House' - these children have earned the highest amount of Dojo points over the week for positive learning. We call these children the 'V.I.Ps', and they even have the option to use their own lounge at lunchtime!




If that wasn't enough, we also have 'Hot Choc with the Head' each week. This is where 2 children from each year group (Y1-Y6) are invited to enjoy a hot chocolate with all the trimmings.

Every child has the chance to be involved in these celebrations every week.


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Throughout the year, children take part in many other ‘Ash Tree Amazing’ celebration events such as 100% attendance pizza parties, farm visits, author visits, residentials, theatre productions, curator projects and charity events. Not to forget, all classes love to play whole school Kippaxopoly, aiming to win prizes, accept forfeits and do all they can to avoid the dreaded ‘Go to Jail’. We are passionate about creating memories and making learning enjoyable for all of our children.

Kippax Ash Tree is a school with an increasing Twitter presence. You can follow us on Twitter to see the escapades of a good school working hard every day to become great- @AshTreeKATPS

At Ash Tree, we are all on a learning journey that has its ups and downs, and every day we are teaching both ourselves and our children to love every twist and turn of the ride.