Parent Voice
What our school community says about our school

At Kippax Ash Tree we are passionate about hearing the voices of our whole school community. Below you can find some comments from our most recent (July 2023) end of year parent survey and our SEND parent survery (December 2023). Every morning and afternoon there is a member of the Senior Leadership Team outside the school office available to speak to, alternatively you can make an appointment or send us an email via the 'contact us' page. We also collect parent voice on Parent View.

Parent Comments from our SEND questionnaire - December 2023.

The provision here is excellent, the staff are knowledgeable and respectful of my child's needs and challenges. He is well cared for and always met with patience and care. The staff have really taken the time to get to know my child and this is evident by how easily he comes into class ready to greet his one to one. My child does not yet speak, but the communication via dojo is very special to our family. He cannot tell us about his day, but the staff take extra care to ensure his home school diary is complete and class dojo photos are shared, this is the only glimpse we have into our little boys day and it means a lot to us as a family. Mrs Johnson is always there to speak to about my child's needs and provides practical and realistic advice. All my suggestions have been taken on board and she works so hard to ensure every child under her care as SENCO has what they need in place. This level of care is why we selected Ash Tree. He is accessing speech therapy. I love that the school promote inclusion from such an early age. He has even received party invitations from other children, which shows that staff promote inclusion and interactions from my child even when they aren't reciprocated. Ash Tree was chosen for my child as I knew they'd provide a safe nurturing environment that reassures me as a parent too. Thanks for everything you do for him.

This school has a very realistic approach to send children. They look at each child as an individual and tailor their education to the child. This has helped my child to stay in school and feel included in everything. My child has blossomed since he had been here.

I like that my child isn’t treated differently and is totally supported. It’s not made into a big deal that he gets extra help. I don’t think he’s even aware of it which to me is brilliant as I don’t want him to feel self conscious. He also loves all the staff.

Parent Comments from July 2023.
It’s actually very difficult to put into words quite how much this year has changed my wonderful little boy. My child has always been a child who thrived in a smaller environment, with fewer adults and children, meaning he is able to build up those personalised relationships. He has never adapted to change particularly well, and has always required the security of a familiar adult to walk him through things, whether that’s a parent, grandparents or childminder, no matter how many times we encouraged independence, didn’t ‘pander’ to it, etc. The difference in him since attending Ash Tree is something I cannot really articulate in a way that really conveys it accurately. His enthusiasm, his confidence, his ability to make friends, and more than any of this, his now absolute and unwavering belief in himself, it’s not something which is just a coincidence of his age or development, but is an absolute byproduct of the love, care and wonderful support he has received from all the staff in the Foundation Stage.
The amount my child has learnt in the last year is incredible, she has gone from books without words to reading Green books with ease. My child's teacher is a wonderful mentor for my child and an approachable and understanding teacher. She clearly cares for all her children and I am so glad that that my child has her next year.
We loved reading our child's report. We particularly appreciate the personal nature. Knowing that school have taken the time to get to know your child as an individual and all their uniqueness is really special. Obviously the academic side is important too but knowing that your child is spending so much time with people who get and embrace them is wonderful.

My child has absolutely loved Year 3. From day one he has been settled and so excited to come into school each day and has a real thirst for learning. We can see he’s thriving at Ash Tree. His teachers have always been patient and understanding of my child and we cannot fault them. From reading my child's school report you can see his teacher really knows him. Having such a caring, understanding teacher the transition from KS1 to KS2 has been been made 100 times easier. Thank you for everything you have done this year.
I cannot thank the teachers enough for caring for and supporting my children like they do. I know that when they’re at school that they both feel safe and happy. Everything from the activities they do, the tales they come home with and the parent involvement in the things that take place are all fabulous to see and hear about. I 100% know that my children’s lives are enriched every single day they’re at school. I’m very grateful!
THANK YOU - the words don’t seem big enough. What you have given my child this year is wonderful, fabulous, amazing, brilliant - I could go on but you get the picture! What you did above anything is ‘saw her’ and therefore respected the person she is. You listened, supported, encouraged and I’ve always felt we were working as a team to get the best outcomes for her. She would not be the young person she has become without your input. Your words in her report will stay with our family forever. You will always be a very special part of my child's journey.
My child has enjoyed his lessons and the different topics and has retained a lot of the information which he has told us about. He has made massive improvements with his reading and writing. He has felt comfortable and accepted in class and has been pushed to work to the best of his ability. Thank you for bringing the best out in my child.
My child's teacher provides such amazing care, and my child has flourished because of this. My child thrives when given emotional support and needs lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement, her teacher recognised this and has provided this throughout the whole year. Due to this and her teaching my child has found a love in reading with confidence, writing and loves telling me about all if the amazing things she has learnt.
All the staff who care for my child are incredible so he is a very lucky boy. He absolutely loves coming to school and this is down to everyone involved with making sure his needs are met. We’ve seen over the last year how much progress he is making and hard he is trying and it’s just wonderful.